= about, on, on top of, onto, over, surrounding, the way in which, upon, atop.
Ex. His report contains sufficient information about a set of events and the people involved to allow for careful, systematic investigation.
Ex. Efforts are being made in the direction of an international consensus on the definition and treatment of corporate authorship.
Ex. Cards are superimposed, one on top of another, and carefully aligned.
Ex. When one is in place, the depression of a lever causes it to be photographed onto the next blank space.
Ex. The conventional name of a government is the geographic name of the area over which the government has jurisdiction.
Ex. This section, then, will review the basic problems surrounding the choice of form of headings for persons.
Ex. Recommendations relating to analytical cataloguing practices concern themselves primarily with the way in which the part of a document or work to be accessed is described.
Ex. Taube's original system relied upon 'uniterms' or one concept terms.
Ex. In Paris, the liberty cap atop the pike became an important icon aimed against the fading tyranny of the ancien regime.
* sobre ascuas = in suspense.
* sobre base de arena = sand-based.
* sobre + Cantidad = around + Cantidad.
* sobre disco = ondisc.
* sobre el automóvil = automotive.
* sobre ello = thereupon [thereon].
* sobre el papel = in intent, nominally.
* sobre el que se están haciendo averiguaciones = under investigation.
* sobre el terreno = on the ground.
* sobre esta base = on this basis, on that basis.
* a partir de esto = on that basis.
* sobre forro de tela = cloth-backed.
* sobre la base de = in relation to, on the usual basis.
* sobre la comedia = comedic.
* sobre la marcha = on-the-fly, off the top of + Posesivo + head, right off the bat, spur-of-the-moment, on the spur of the moment, while-you-wait [while-u-wait], straight away, as you go, right away, at once.
* sobre la superficie = above ground.
* sobre la tierra = on earth, on the face of the earth, on the ground.
* sobre los glaciares = glaciological.
* sobre museos = museum-based.
* sobre ruedas = on wheels, roll-out, without a hitch.
* sobre suelo firme = on firm footing.
* sobre todas las cosas = above all things.
* sobre todo = above all, above everything else, overwhelmingly, in particular, above all things.
* Verbo + sobre todo = Verbo + the most.
* y sobre todo = and worst of all.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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